Kevin Kichar Geometric Abstract Mixed Media Sculpted Paper Mosaic Print 37 x 36”

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PALM BEACH ESTATE FIND!! Kevin Kichar Geometric Abstract Mixed Media mosaic art. This is an unique mixed media artwork which is made of custom created textured handmade paper which is assembled in a complex mosaic pattern. Each square is also uniquely embellished. Measures 37” x 36” overall framed in an expensive looking gallery frame. It is absolutely ready to hang with no flaws I can find. This is a beautiful Contemporary work of art by an important listed Florida artist. His card (signed) is attached to the back as well. Please ask any and all questions prior to offer or purchase.

Note: we apologize for the high cost of shipping but both FedEx and USPS have raised their rates exponentially on oversized and heavy items, of which this is both. The piece itself weighs almost 15 pounds!

From his website:

“I am an Artist and Designer who enjoys making art that is unique and colorful. From papermaking to handmade tile my art works incorporate many mediums. My work began with the study of art history. It naturally evolved from a background of technical drawing, computer generated art and illustration. It was enriched as I apprenticed with artisans throughout the country. I have learned many techniques along the way – including the process of handmade paper. But I did not become an artist until I incorporated those techniques into my own form of expression. Papermaking allows me to transform these influences into something new.”