OLI BLOCK Magnetic Architectural Building Block Toy 24 Pc Mod Organic Shaped EUC

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24 pieces in good+ used condition. Great for Xmas! Please ask any and all questions prior to offer or purchase.

Fun magnetic puzzle/building pieces are all in excellent condition. Oliblocks were created by Daniel R. Oakley, Architect and Toy maker. The idea for Oliblock came from Daniel Oakley's desire to create a toy that would encourage children to think about building things in a new way. He envisioned a toy that would introduce a way to challenge, teach and stimulate a child's mind, yet be fun and appealing at the same time. The result was the development of Oliblock, an architecturally inspired set of 4 shaped “building blocks" unusual in their interaction with each other and organic in shape. Oliblock fit together with an interlocking connection on one end and a magnetic connection on the other. Organically shaped pieces and vibrant colors differentiate Oliblock from its more linear, classic building blocks predecessors. Oliblock are infinitely more artful. The fresh design frees the builder to create what has never before been imagined. The unique design and architectural sensibilities of Oliblock flow directly from Daniel Oakley's architectural and design background. The serendipitous blend of Oakley's vision of a new breed of building blocks and his distinguished background in architecture resulted in the founding of Oliblock. Oakley's professional association with renowned architect Zaha Hadid has influenced and shaped his design and architectural sensibilities and philosophy. For over 20 years, Hadid has symbolized the vanguard of contemporary architecture, pushing the boundaries of architectural design.