David McKirdy Mixed Media 2000 Glassine Museum Board Contemporary Art

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Listed artist David McKirdy Mixed Media 2000 Glassine Museum Board Contemporary Art. In original frame under glass. Signed lower right corner as well as on the reverse. Artwork measures 11” x 14” and measures 21” x 25” framed. Layers of methodically burned glassine over museum board. Stunning piece for your collection! Please ask any and all questions prior to offer or purchase.

Please note: the last photo is of a similar piece (albeit larger and not as detailed in my opinion) that we found for sale in an online gallery.

“David McKirdy is a mixed media artist living and working in North Tampa. Using such techniques as burning or punching holes and other shapes in materials chosen for their textural and visual qualities, McKirdy creates surfaces that are worked maximally with minimal means to produce complex fields, always with an underlying order.

Finding inspiration from his time looking through microscopes as a biology student at the University of South Florida, McKirdy describes that his award-winning body of work “evokes associations from the atomic to the cosmic.” A careful arrangement of layers and materials pulls the viewer in to discover illusions of movement, harmony, and pattern.

Always searching for new sources of inspiration in the natural and cosmic worlds, McKirdy states that his work is overall concerned with themes of optical fields, materials, endurance, seeing, order, information, variation, repetition, time, transformation, surfaces, and accretion.”