LAURENT DEQUICK Fine Art Photograph Abstraction "From The High Line" NYC Framed

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Palm Beach Estate Find!!  Superb fine art photograph "From The High Line" NYC by Laurent Dequick. Hand signed and numbered. Frame measures 20" x 17 and the photographic print within the matte measures 13.5" x 7.5". Please ask any and all questions prior to offer or purchase.

The passing of time is a fascinating concept which happens all around us, at every single moment of every single day. French photographer Laurent Dequick decided to capture these fleeting seconds in a series of photographs entitled Vibrations Urbaines. Each image is a collective sequence of multiple photographs, superimposed together to visually reflect the chaos and congestion of large urban areas.

The series features colorful and energetic portraits of both New York and Berlin. Viewers might feel a bit hyper as they view the still photograph which so strongly convey the motion of cars zipping past and the life of people rushing by. Dequick says his work is “primarily a reflection on the contemporary city and more specifically the proliferation of modern urban space.” Through these compositions, the artist portrays the constant urban action and excitement that are generally challenging to communicate through just one still photograph.

"Taking photographs of areas where there is life involves depicting, not the least by evocation, the time passing. My study is the feeling, the emotion which results from the juxtaposition of multiple moments. In general photography fixes a given moment forever, this artist adds these moments up by superimposing the shots. The offset accumulation creates a vibration and recreates chronophotography. Slow motion and dispersed movements give a new and frenzied vision of urban activities."